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Tara Keating


My landscape paintings are a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Observing birds in my backyard during lock-down led to a series of birding trips to prairies, marshes and savannas in the Chicago vicinity. The joy of being outside without worry or fear combined with the fun of learning about the flora and fauna native to this region sparked an enthusiasm and love of this landscape that continued into the studio. I try to capture not just the view, but also the experience of being outside. When working, I channel the memories and feelings of sensations like sunshine, warm or cold winds and fresh air into my work which results in the use of mixed media and expressive tools like palette knives, chunks of charcoal, and graphite.

In 2022 I was invited to develop a solo show of my work for the Ford Calumet Environmental Center and the result was “The Reclaimed Landscape: Celebrating the Natural Beauty of Chicago’s Southeast Side,” a collection of 16 paintings that explored post-industrial sites undergoing environmental remediation and habitat restoration efforts under the stewardship of the Chicago Park District. I hope my work inspires people to look with fresh eyes at the natural world.

Company Name

Studio Keating